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In this page you will have some short information about License of Free & Premium Mockups that you find in

Our Content:

We publish Free and Premium PSD Mockups from around the web. Most creators create free mockups, while others sell them from platforms such as CreativeMarket or other platforms.

Our Mockups – Terms:

We publish Free & Premium Mockups. You can use them to present your design. If you have any website or blog that you want to post (feature) our mockups, you can do that, but in download page you must link our link so people will come to download our mockups in our site.

Does offer License ?

No. We only share the best free & premium mockups from others authors. You always find the link (credit) to the owner of mockup which you can download from their website the product.

Is license available in Freebie Mockups ?

Most of the time, yes. You should always check authors terms / license. By clicking ‘download’ button, you will be redirect to the author page which you can download the free mockup and read his license.

Intellectual property rights

Almost all content in our site, such as images, graphic images presentations, brands etc, are subject to copyright laws.

Apple, iPhone, iPad, iMac and other Apple products are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. We only share mockups of these products in photoshop format so you can find better mockups to present your app/website in a different devices such as iPhone, iPad or other products.

Social Medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc, are also registered trademarks. We use our social pages just to promote services.